Lorri Hafer

In order to understand the basic elements of music, a person need not to be a musician. Each and every person can easily understand the basic elements of the music. The music can be of any type like slow or fast, soft or loud in the tempo. There is a list of musical elements such as Beat and meter, Dynamics, Harmony, Melody, Pitch, Rhythm, and Tempo etc. A beat can be either regular or irregular and gives the music in the form of rhythmic pattern. They are actually grouped together in a measure and at the same time both the notes and the rests correspond to the specific number of beats. They can also be a rhythmic pattern by the integration of both strong and weak beats. There are many possibilities such as two beats in a measure, three beats in a measure and four beats in a measure and so on. Next, dynamics is an element which refers to the volume of a realistic performance. These dynamics are indicated by the abbreviations or the symbols in the written composition. On the other side of the flip these symbols indicate the intensity at which a note or a passage should be played or sung. The real fact is that the dynamics are derived from the Italian and the symbols are used to indicate the clear moments of emphasis. Harmony is a one where two or more chords are played at the same time. At the same time it supports the melody and it can be denoted as a major, minor, augmented or diminished. These chords are dependent on the notes that are being played together. Next, coming to the melody; it is the overarching tune which is played by the series of notes and finally it is affected by the rhythm. There is a list of melodies which are arranged in a verse-chorus form. In the classical musical type, the melody is repeated as the recurring musical theme. It is totally a distinguishable one from the composition progresses. Next element is known to be the pitch. The pitch of the sound is totally based on the frequency and size of the vibrating object. It is an easily identifiable one and fleetbip hence it is known to be definite. On the other side of the flip the pitch is totally difficult to discern and hence it is said to be indefinite. Rhythm is a one which is defined as the placements of sounds in both time and beats in the field of music. It is gained shaped by two major elements such as beat and tempo. Next, tempo is a one which refers to the speed at which the piece of music is played. On the other side of the flip it can also be used to indicate the emphasis. Musical texture is a one which refers to the different types of layers used in the composition and how these layers are inter-related to each other. It can be any type such as the single melodic line, two or more melodic lines and finally the major melody which are accompanied by the chords.


Legacy of the musical instruments

Melody helps a human being come out of the stressful life that he has to go through every day. Songs help individual to relax and give the calm and soothing feel. It might be played during morning night or any time of the day, it is a masterpiece by itself. Being Musician or a composer is a creative job and will be appreciated by casperon and many individuals. There are lots of songs which are classics and are cult hits.


Here is a classic example of old musical instruments dates back to 18th century BC where it was played. The guitar comes in different variety acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar to name a few. There is violin also to provide melody and bass music to the instrument which can be enthralling as well.


The keyboard is played for large-scale audiences in a mall or a concert and has to be called the father of all musical instruments. The piano is one of those which give a soothing and a relaxed atmosphere to its clients. It is very predominant in the society; folks are attracted to it because it releases a friendly vibe.


These are the most jubilant instruments you can find in the world. These bass drums are used worldwide with guitar and both of them form very lethal pair devices and can exhibit a lot of music and love together. It originated in the eastern provinces but later found popularity in the west.


It is a type of a guitar exhibiting melody music quite unlike the guitar which exhibits bass and jazz music this type of instrument showcase melody and peaceful music which folks desire to listen. It is mainly used in devotional songs and other sacred plays preferably Hindu goddess who used to stage a music fest for her devotes.


This kind of device originated from Asia was predominantly used in calls for the emperor. It blows away horn and all those chaps get attracted to it. A trumpet is also quite similar to a saxophone exhibiting the same characteristic to that.