“Lorri has been compared to the best of the classic pop singers, and yet her unique interpretation allows the listener to rediscover these great old songs... Mike is the perfect vocal accompanist, and though he's been influenced by many, has a dynamic style all his own.” 
- Bill Conn, Big Band DJ


“Ms. Hafer is a songstress with a magical empathy for the old show tunes and good jazz. Indeed there is about her art a sophistication that is both eloquent and uncontrived. And if there's a better enunciator of lyrics - every syllable is Waterford crystal - I've yet to hear her... For his part, Mike plays piano with an exceedingly deft touch. And when he accompanies Lorri on such songs as "Send In the Clowns" and Billie Holiday's "Easy Living", his piano is cohesive and gratifyingly unobtrusive." 
- Night Lights by Bill Mc Donald


"Lorri is a smash hit! I watched her mesmerize a standing room only packed theater… I was so impressed with her vocal clarity and stylings that I invited her to join the band that evening as our guest vocalist. She did it again! The crowd embraced her as she sang "Sentimental Journey" with such elegance that you would have thought we were recording it for the first time…”
  - Les Brown Jr. - Les Brown’s Band of Renown


“Ms. Hafer delighted the entire audience with her rendition of Miles Davis', "All Blues". Ms. Hafer is a jazz stylist and is well regarded by fellow jazz musicians. She is needed by the jazz community here in the Tampa Bay area. This young lady knows her music,
specifically jazz."
- Rick Gee, Rick Gee’s Jazz Jamm


“It is a joy to receive an album of standards performed by a legitimate singer. Lorri Hafer has chosen her tunes wisely and each is a gem. Hafer is backed by a quintet of talented musicians and the arrangements by Mike Hafer and Demetrios Pappas add a potent mix to this fine musical libation. "I Only Have Eyes For You" With discreet drumming by Vic Stevens and a fine sax solo engineered by Ron Kerber, Hafer goes right to the heart of this tune and simply sings the song as it should be, without any histrionics that one often hears in the jazz genre these days.
This is a super offering.
"The Very Thought Of You" - Lorri Hafer is as smoky as a hot New Orleans night on this beautiful ballad. The sax in the background adds more heat to this superb chestnut. "Time After Time" - Rarely do I mention drummers but in this case Vic Stevens' time and discretion are a prime example of how the tubs should be played. Hafer stretches out a bit on this song and shows some range.
This is the kind of tune that sticks in one's ear. A new twist to an old tune is ably executed by Lorri Hafer on "What A Difference A Day Makes" This tune lopes along nicely and again the sax sings it's message in a marriage of minds with the vocal.
"Tuxedo Junction" - Oh yeah! toe tapping time to a familiar melody. Pappas at the piano comps correctly and this is a big plus to any already swinging effort. Hipness reigns supreme.
"I Wish You Love" - The lyrics to this song are simply among the best of the best. Lorri Hafer is in her element on this one. The Fluegel solo by John Swana is a study in musicianship and soul. Great interpretive powers by Hafer and
the band works magic as well.
This album has all the tunes that have been classics and are still among the best ever written… 5 Stars 
- Johnny Gilbert, E-jazz News review, December 2005


Lorri Hafer exhibits love of the Great American Songbook and love of that mystical place where only these songs can take you; a place where taste, purity and vulnerability abound... She has that rare knack of selecting material that is meaningful to both herself as the singer, and to the audience as participants in an emotional experience. She has both the talent and the curiosity to investigate a song's intent and then interpret it. Lorri sings the songs that make you want to return to a place in memory where love was new and the summer nights were twilight soft.
Lorri Hafer lives there.
- Roger Crane, the Song Scout